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The Memorial  

We know how you feel. When people tell you to move on and you canít, we understand. We've been there.

Losing a loved-one to homicide is a pain and suffering like no other. The fight to keep their memory alive is strong and not to be dismissed like their lives were. To continue to function in a world that does not seem to care about Justice, is a continuous constant battle. We would like to help you remember your loved one, and to do so in a safe, physical and virtual world.

HVMF is both a physical edifice for victims to gather around and a virtual space for the survivors of homicide victims, to feel connected, to share and to bond with their loved ones via family diaries, pictures, music and other forms of media.

We will be bringing you personal space to share memories and new beginnings with your victim and their families and friends and to give the world a testament to a person that was a shining light, and who lives on in the memorial.  

The Foundation

The Homicide Victims Memorial Foundation (HVMF), is the culmination of years of work by dedicated volunteer victims who have channeled their grief to fight for Justice and honor their loved ones and other victims throughout the United States. It is the result of the work of a select group of individuals called Justice for Homicide Victims, Inc.

The members of Justice for Homicide Victims, Inc., and many other individuals, have dedicated their life long skills of building, craftsmanship, architecture, etc. to bring the Memorial together.

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